Auto Fuel Saving Tips

Keep Your Car Running Great & Save Money On Gas

Hi folks, today we’re going to talk about how you can save gas by keeping your vehicle in tiptop condition. There are many ways to improve your vehicles gas mileage. But the best way to increase your vehicles fuel economy is to keep it running in tiptop conditions. There are many ways that we were going to talk about getting this done. Just remember that all these things work ladie checking tire pressuretogether to make an impact. The following tips provided by the San Diego Towing Network out of San Diego, California. They provide tow truck service to San Diego and surrounding areas. They provide fast and friendly towing service to Chula Vista, CA as well as auto lock out service in San Diego. Enjoy this article and if you would like more info on improving fuel economy please visit

Okay so let’s get started, the first thing that you can and should do is make sure that your vehicle’s┬átires are at the manufactures recommended air pressure. To do this is quite simple but you will need a couple things. First of all you will need a tire gauge. The recommended pressure for your vehicle is usually labeled on the inside of the driver side door jam. A common pressure for a midsize sedan is usually around 32 PSI. But to be sure that you are putting the right amount of tire pressure check the inside of the door to make sure that you were doing it correctly. Once you find the recommended tire pressure used a tire gauge to find out the actual tire pressure of each individual wheel. If the tires are in overinflated then let some air out until you achieve the recommended tire pressure. If the tires are under-inflated then drive to the nearest gasoline station and add air as needed. That is unless you have an air compressor of your own. Do not use the recommended tire pressure on the tire itself it is highly recommended that you use the vehicle manufactures recommended tire pressure not the tire manufactures recommended tire pressure. Keeping your tires at the optimum tire pressure will not only add to your fuel economy it will also add to the life of your tires.

Keep Your Car Light On It’s Toes – When You’re Not Towing Anything At Least

Lightening your load will also help increase your vehicles gas mileage. Make it a habit to not carry anything extra in your vehicle that you do not absolutely need in the car. For example if you have a habit of keeping your golf clubs and a case of water in the trunk then remove those items unless you need them. A lot of times we getting the habit of keeping things in our car that we need to use every now and then but actually if we remove those items we lighten the load on our vehicle which overtime will help us improve our fuel economy. Our car needs to work less to move less weight. Keeping your vehicle maintained as recommended by the manufacturer or can also improve your gas mileage old spark plugs, spark plug wires and dirty air filters can rob your vehicles fuel economy by as much as 15%. Another factor when it comes to fuel economy is air-conditioning. The air-conditioner can add a load to your vehicle that will increase the amount of fuel used although it is not a significant amount it does make a difference. So if you do not actually need the air-conditioner then don’t use it. Also if you vehicle is under strain because it is going up a steep grade this is a good time to turn off your air-conditioner at least until you complete the grade and are back on level ground.

Steady & Slow Is How To Win The Race

Another recommendation when you’re looking to lower your fuel bill is to use cruise control whenever possible. Another are times that you don’t want to use cruise control to improve your gas mileage but when you are on a generally steady ground meaning you’re not going uphill and you’re not in traffic of course. Cruise control can maintain the vehicle speed at a steady pace not decreasing or increasing like your foot may do without you thinking. It does not take a lot of fuel to maintain a vehicles speed.

keeping your car at slow paceThe last few tips for today would be to drive Curtis courteously. When you drive courteously thinking about others and not in a hurry you automatically save fuel. If you ease on the gas when you see an approaching stop sign or stop light you’re saving gas. Likewise when you accelerate smoothly and steadily from a stop you save gas as well consider others when they are trying to pass, if you get into a race mentality speed up and not let them pass to make them get in behind you you’re wasting fuel and intern money. How much you ever seen the aggressive drivers don’t be like that put money in your pocket.

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